Friday, April 6, 2012



"Throughout 2011 and into early 2012 we collaborated with notorious abrupt transition worshippers, the BARRIER KULT, producing 6 sinister Range Of Propaganda chapters, each profiling high ranking Kultists. MUSKELLUNGE OF DARK ISLAND, CRUSADE TEMPLAR HORSE SKELETON, BEAST OF GEVAUDAN, DEPTH LEVIATHAN DWELLER, STATUE OF THE BLACK CROW and DEER MAN OF DARK WOODS are featured amongst the madness.

We’ve compiled the darkness and barrier stabbing violence into an online book, so click the image below and delve into it if you dare:"


"This week we bring you a special edition of the Tuesday Toss in collaboration with Emerica (via Timebomb Trading), BA.KU. Clothing (Ritual Barrier Abrasion Cloth), Gullwing and Skull Skates.

Here’s what we’ve got:

•Barrier Kult x Emerica “Francis Hi” shoes (Spring ’11 / rare pair, less than 150 in Canada!) – Size 9.5
•BA.KU. tee – L
•Depth Leviathan Dweller tee – L
•BA.KU. hoodie – L
•Gullwing x Skull Skates “Superpro III” trucks – 155mm
•D.M.O.D.W. x Skull Skates deck – 8.5″ wide

In order to win you have to answer the following (and incredibly easy) trivia question:
What trick does Deer Man Of Dark Woods do in his “Range Of Propaganda” chapter, and what does the screen say at the 1:47 mark in his “Timebomb Files” video?
(Hint: click here to find the answer.)

EMAIL your response to:
Contest closes on Friday, April 6th and is open to Canadian residents only."